SOS Save Our Schools from Bullying

SOS Save Our Schools from Bullying


SOS Save Our Schools from Bullying was written and illustrated by Gaye Dell to promote bullying awareness in primary schools throughout Australia. It is in the form of a strength-based easy-reader. The charming story follows a young boy who learns that it is possible to turn his bullying behaviour around. What results from this change in attitude is genuine respect from his peers rather than their fear at the beginning of the story. Throughout his journey, the story involves a performing arts program, along with his school mates, teachers and the entire community. This book has the lyrics and score of an original song Every Child  from a musical of the same name, written and directed by Gabrielle Murphy.

SOS Save Our School-EXCERPT

Sample of Illustrations from SOS:







About the Author

Gaye Dell

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  1. zil says

    perfect book for primary

  2. robyn Brown says

    is there worksheets or a link to your book for eleven and 12 year olds to do or for me as a teacher. If no worksheets is there a program associated with your book for this age group thank you for a fantastic novel that the children can relate to

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