fine art

Gaye Dell has either drawn or painted
most of her life.
She brings that passion to her easel.

“Painting and drawing are my passion and more often than not there is an element of both in my work. I see the humour in our animals so I enjoy giving them a quirky personality as I see befits them. I use mostly acrylic to handle the paint and colour with a mixture of precision and total abandonment.

Presently, I am toying with the use of palette knives as I want to convey the excitement I feel  and it enables me to mix textured colour right on the canvas. The image generally appears before my eyes and I follow along, almost as an observer. I add layers of colour until the canvas indicate to me in no uncertain terms, it is finished.

I put the knife or brush or pen down and to my surprise (almost every time), it is!”


























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A study in acrylics