about me

Currently resides on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland
Dual Australian/U.S.A. citizen
Resided in Florida 1976-2004

Greatest achievement?

First-time mother at 45 years to a healthy, (and handome) son

The Writer:

Teen Queeries
SOS-Save Our Schools from Bullying
Bidge’s Mob
100+ Answers About Puberty
400+ Questions Kids Have about Relationships
500+ Questions Kids Have about Sex (with Lyndall Caldwell)
The Listeners Get two Homes
The Listeners go to a Family Centre
The Listeners go to Counselling
The Listeners get a Parenting Plan
The Listeners go to the Contact Centre
The Listeners Change Homes

The Scholar:

Bachelor of Arts-Fine Arts, Victoria, Australia. Majored in Photography
Bachelor of Education, Victoria, Australia.
Bachelor of Arts-Interdisciplinary Degree (Drawing/Creative writing), Florida, U.S.A.

The Teacher:

Secondary school: Physical Education & Art at Preston Technical School, Victoria, Australia (1970-74)
Primary & Secondary level Art & Physical Education at Lowther Hall Church of England Girls’ Grammar School, Victoria Australia (1974-76)
Taught University level Graphic Design, Santa Fe College, Florida, USA (1998-2003)

Business owner/Graphic Designer

Advertising Agency partnership, NSW, Australia (1981)
Ad Agency sole ownership, FLA, USA (1983-2004)
Senior Manager, Marketing, Interrelate Family Centres, NSW. Australia (2007-2012)

and in the olden days of yore

…an athlete:

Australian National Champion in 100 hurdles  (1972-1976)
Australian National Champion in 100 hurdles  (1972-1975)
Held world’s fastest time for 18 months for 200m hurdles (1974-5)
Commonwealth Games Silver medal: representing Australia in Christchurch 100m hurdles (1974)
Represented Australia in Montreal Olympics (1976)
Represented University of Florida on full track scholarship, 4 years (1977-81)
American National Champion Indoor 60m hurdles (1980)

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