Teen Queeries BOOK


The book is not only for teens dealing with the possibility of being gay, it is also for other young people going through puberty where there seems to be an inbuilt curiosity about homosexuality and experimentation with same gender sex is not unusual. In any case, TEEN QUEERIES will prove to be an informative, interesting read for teens, their parents, friends, teachers, coaches and anyone else who has a teen queerie in their life…and for those of us that are just curious.


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Read the conversations between a teen gay and his mum.

The book is a journey Gaye and her son Lucas, began together in his early teens. The conversations were taken from a span of around eight years, so some are quite naïve and others…well, not. Gaye and Lucas, put some tricky topics on the table addressing them openly and honestly. The book answers some very personal and potentially embarrassing questions with a positive sensitivity and a good dose of common sense.