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400+ Questions Kids Have About Relationships

KIDS ASK ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS and this books gives some answers! 400+ Questions Kids Have About Relationships showcases real questions that Australian children ask. It offers some straight forward, down to earth answers for the kids of today, sourced from leading relationships and family counselling experts. It was designed and illustrated by Gaye Dell and written with
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100+ Answers About Puberty

100+ Answers About Puberty is the third book in a series of Q & A books responding to questions raised from Australian students aged between 8-13 years. The questions were collected over a period of time and remain as close as possible to the children’s wording to ensure integrity. They have been answered in a
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500+ Questions Kids Have About Sex

KIDS & THE BIRDS AND THE BEES—A MODERN MINEFIELD There has been plenty of debate about the sexualisation of children in recent times- and judging by some of the questions Australian children are now asking about sex, parents have their hands full. To help parents deal with this modern-day minefield, Gaye Dell and Lyndall Caldwell
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Bidge’s Mob

Bidge’s Mob was given a seal of approval by the former Attorney General, The Honourable Robert McClelland. “Bidge’s Mob is an invaluable resource for families and professional support services,” he said. Aussie bush animals help children with family separation This innovative publication is helping Australian children deal with the various personal issues caused by family
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Teen Queeries

Read the conversations between a teen gay and his mum The book is a journey Gaye and her son Lucas, began together in his early teens. The conversations were taken from a span of around eight years, so some are quite naive and others…well, not. Gaye and Lucas, put some tricky topics on the table
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