The Listeners go to the Family Centre

The Listeners go to the Family Centre


The Listeners go to the Family Centre is helping children know what to expect when they visit a Family Centre.

This is one in a series of six booklets that address some of the most critical issues children and the families of today face. The books are written in a quiet, simple language with a sensitivity that will appeal to all ages.

The Listeners cartoon sock puppets, are non- gender, non-age-specific and reach dissimilar cultures and backgrounds in the same reassuring manner.

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© Interrelate Family Centres 2014
The Listeners go to the Family Centre
is displayed with permission from Interrelate Family Centres.

For information regarding this resource,
please contact Interrelate Family Centres.

Example spreads:

On TV and in the movies, families always seem to be happy
…but real life is not really like that.

…we come to a place like this: a family centre.
The family comes here so the troubles can be talked about.

When the family is not well, the best way
to make it better is for everyone to begin talking.

An excerpt of the book (download PDF)

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About the Author

Gaye Dell

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