The Listeners make a Parenting Plan

The Listeners make a Parenting Plan

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The Listeners make a Parenting Plan is helping children understand that their parents are working to make a plan so that their separation/divorce will impact on their children as little as possible.  The plan is for the parents to make promises not only for their children, but also to them.

This is one in a series of six booklets that address some of the most critical issues children and the families of today face. The books are written in a quiet, simple language with a sensitivity that will appeal to all ages.

The Listeners cartoon sock puppets, are non- gender, non-age-specific and reach dissimilar cultures and backgrounds in the same reassuring manner.

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Example spreads:

It’s the same as when your team hasn’t won for a really long time and it’s cold and raining, it’s easy to forget the plans you made and the promises you wanted to keep…grown-ups can forget too.

Your Mum & Dad are making a Parenting Plan because they want you to have happy times while you are little…and when you are not so little too.

This is a precious time, and they don’t want you to miss out on anything just because they decided to live in different places from each other.

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