The Listeners Change Homes

The Listeners Change Homes

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The Listeners Change Homes is to help children understand that sometimes other kids like them, move away from their home while their parents sort out their troubles…just like they have had to. The book talks about how big the changes are and offers some ways of coping with them.

Federal Magistrate, Tom Altobelli says:
“In the cases I hear, it is the kids who are so often the heroes because they are so resilient.
The book is fabulous! I love the message it sends to the children.

This is one in a series of six booklets that address some of the most critical issues children and the families of today face. The books are written in a quiet, simple language with a sensitivity that will appeal to all ages.

The Listeners cartoon sock puppets, are non- gender, non-age-specific and reach dissimilar cultures and backgrounds in the same reassuring manner.

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Example spreads:

When the changes are too hard it can help to think about your super hero (in a favourite movie or video game) and how they face challenges that seem overwhelming.
Monsters so big and scary, rivers so wide and furious…and those mountains appear towering through the clouds and way too difficult to climb.

Remember to bring along the super hero inside you, who is ready to share the ups and downs…all the way to the mountain top, clouds and all!

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