The Listeners get Two Homes

The Listeners get Two Homes

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The Listeners get Two Homes is helping children understand that not all families stay together, and that they sometimes separate and live in different places from each other.  The family is still there, but lives in more than one home.

This one of a series of six booklets that address some of the most critical issues facing children and the families of today. The books are written in a quiet, simple language with a sensitivity that will appeal to all ages.

The Listeners cartoon sock puppets, are non- gender, non- age-specific and reach dissimilar cultures and backgrounds in the same reassuring manner.

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Example spreads:

Even if your mate comes back, you just can’t take up where you left off.
Sometimes it messes up so much, you have to start all over again.

It’s the same when Mums and Dads realise they want different things from each other
…and decide not to live together anymore.
It changes just about everything.

Sometimes the grown-ups are so upset that they play games too for a little while
…but it is a different kind of game and one that is not at all good for the family.
And if that happens, the children get really confused

An excerpt of the book (download PDF)

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